Torn Together

An online exhibition and five e-publications (launching on Monday 15th February 2021 at 4pm)

This is a 2nd year collaboration between Film & Digital Art students and the bookRoom led by Jeremiah Ambrose and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

Torn Together – “Two words, so as to evoke a chain of events: what was torn and split got seized and taken to another place. A rapturous taking. Elated is the human who reaps the fruits of destruction.” (Adapted from Jan Verwoert in SUPERCOMMUNITY: Diabolical Togetherness Beyond Contemporary Art)

Over 4 weeks, a group of socially and physically distant students have explored their personal understanding of such remote entanglement while collectively developing ways to share the resulting photographic, animation and video work via instagram, a website and a series of 5 e-zines published by bookRoom press.

This series of ePublications looks to forge fragmented ideas through the maps and networks of digital collaboration. In improvised isolation we thread through solutions to convey these expressions. An entanglement of website, ePublication and Instagram allow us to sustain our separation under the themes of:

Constellations Dependency – Boundary – Persona  – Debris

Together we invite you to dwell on the certainty of community and the absolute necessity of creativity.


ePublication Leads: Andreea Cristea, Annie Griffith, Lili Mei Hakonen-Meddings, Isaac Perkins, Flora Szabo.

With: Sophie Lambros, Miranda Darwin, Izzy Holland, Antonio Guimaraes De Barros, Adam Smyth, Kaitlan Marie Bachan, Laura Vaitl, Leah Martin, Mariah Thyes, Claudia Douglas, Reagan Farrington, Marella Linzaga, Victoria Macleod, Julia Pentz, Issy Robertson, Beth Whiteland, Avani Dhillon, William Baldwin, Ieva Aukscionyte.

All projects are visible on Torn Together  website and Instagram

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