The In Betweens (in the making)

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An exhibition curated by Victoria Cooper Pedrote with the bookRoom collection

11th October – 11th December 2022 – Monday – Friday: 9 – 5 p.m.
The reading room, library ground floor, Farnham UCA campus

Opening: 11th October, 5 to 6pm with and introductory talk

The In Betweens is Victoria Cooper-Pedrote’s first artist’s book production developed as her final project as a UCA Photo graduate of 2022. The exhibition display offers the audience the chance to go through the physical research as well as a selection of publications from the bookRoom collection that had been part of the project’s development.

With books such as Lying Still: portraits of ‘The Other Women’ by Natasha Caruana, come in and see the bed by Simon Aeppli, and My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words by Anna Fox. A few other publications have been added to the research material after-process, that would have been useful if known at the time.

The In Betweens is viewable here, part of bookRoom collection on VADS.
(228 pages, 210×175 cm, £50).

This exhibition concludes Victoria Cooper Pedrote‘s participation in UCA Graduate Professional Development Programme with Archive and Special collections & bookRoom.

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