Digesting Ritual (2019)

Digesting Ritual

by Amanda Couch and Adam Alston, with texts by Adam Alston and Amanda Couch, designed by Kristen Fraser, bound by Amanda Couch and Kristen Fraser.

published by bookRoom Press, 2019. ISBN: 978-0-9576828-8-7.

launched with a performance reading at the Small Publishers Fair in London on Friday 15th November at 2.30pm in the green Room.

Digesting Ritual  brings together what remains of her solo exhibition, Extispicy in the Everyday at the Ivy Arts Centre, and participatory performance, Our Palace of Intestines for Stag(e) Hill at University of Surrey, in July 2018.

Digesting Ritual  is Amanda Couch third publication with bookRoom Press after On Innards (2015) and Reflection on Digestion (2012). The project draws on the ancient practice of extispicy, divination using the entrails, one of the most omnipresent of divination practices across the ancient world, ecofeminism, recent neuro-gastroenterological research, as well as medieval feasts and theatrical pies.

Inkjet printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Book and Album 220gsm concertina, containing two three-hole stitched bound pamphlets, inkjet printed on Munken Lynx 120gsm, a digitally printed cotton-linen insert, back page and shortbread biscuit in a bag, all contained within a belly band.

The work is now held in the collections of the Wellcome Library, London, Arts University Bournemouth Library and the Surrey History Centre, Woking

It is available from LADA Unbound

More details about the project here

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