Photobooks & : A critical companion to the contemporary medium

Photobooks & : A critical companion to the contemporary medium, Matt Johnston (Onomatopee, Oct 2021)

edited by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé,
designed by Ward Goes and Juul van der Zandt,
paperback, 170mm x 240mm, 210 pages, edition of 2000. 
ISBN 978-94-93148-65-9
available here

Informed by and based on Matt Johnston’s extensive research and PhD thesis, Photobooks & presents and interrogates key themes of the contemporary photobook — from the medium’s post-digital and post-photographic situation, to the purposes of publishing, issues of accessibility and the act of reading.

Matt completed his PhD with bookRoom at UCA in 2019, about the post-millennium situation of the contemporary photobook and connections (made and missed) between makers and readers.

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