Floating Wor(l)ds

a project by current artist in residence Richard Nash

The intention for this project could be categorised in a number of ways: a writing project, an experiment in typographic word play, and an exploration of ‘bookness’ with potential for foregrounding the materiality of words.

Through the relationship between narrative and the form of book, the intention will be to explore the theme of the sea. As leaves turn like waves lapping a shoreline and the metaphorical depths of language, words can transgress their immediate presence like the transient forms of the sea, dramatic, mutable, and opaque.

While mediating the premise of the book will be core to the project, a potential ambitious point of departure will be to create an installation experience that fully exploits physical space to immerse the reader into the text, a present and physical metaphor of floating words. The intention will be to create a poetic and impressionistic experience where interaction blurs boundaries between reader and author.

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