Building a Better World exhibition

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22nd September to 6th November 2016 – Elaine Thomas Library @ UCA Farnham

Katharina Becker, Elodie Duncan-Duplain & Annie Haggarty, Catinca Malaimare, Susan Merrick, Iana Mizguina, Oriyomi Oladunjoye, Tom Ridgway, Mason Terrill

An exhibition of photographs, collages, videos and performances produced by a group of students (Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art) during Stefan Szczelkun’s creative residency and workshop with bookRoom in May 2016. They responded to the Working Press books by and about Working Class Artists, 1986-1996 archive under the guidance of the creator of the archive (Stefan Szczelkun), the archivist (Rebekah Taylor) and publisher/curator of the project (Emmanuelle Waeckerlé). They explored identity politics (class, gender, diversity, disability) from personal, historical and current perspective.

The exhibition also contains elements from the Working Press archive that students responded to, as well as a new bookRoom press publication RISE FROM YOUR CLASS NOT FROM IT.

The residency was introduced with building a better world / art activism / working (with) archivestudy day and concluded with a performance by Stefan Szczelkun Agit Disco

press release and list of works

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