‘Borrowed from my bank’

‘Borrowed from my bank’ [2008-2010] by David Blackmore

A series of drawings made using pens obtained free from banks.  Each of the drawings in this work utilises all the ink in a single ballpoint pen – some taken in-branch and others acquired by writing to banks requesting a complementary pen.

The body of work was originally instigated by a slogan printed on a free pen from a UK high street bank, Barclays, which read ‘Borrowed from my bank’. I set about seeing how much ink I could get from each of these pens, filling up squares on A3 graph paper to see how far I could stretch the ‘ink’.

A book is currently in progress – Kindly supported by the University for the Creative Arts and the bookRoom. A book using the visual language of informative booklets given by banks to promote new products, to draw existing customer’s attention to ‘changes to your terms and conditions’ and also to attract new business.




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