‘The Act of Photography’ workshop with Manuel Vason

17th January 2018, UCA Farnham

This one-day workshop by Manuel Vason, organised by Emmanuelle Waeckerle for Photography, DFS, and Fine Art (BA, MA/MFA) students, proposes to investigate and experiment with the relationship between action and trace, Performance art and Photography.

Looking at his practice as a series of experiments and developments to close the gap between the two art forms, Vason intended to provoke a discussion among participants and invite them to inhabit that place ‘in-between’ through practical exercises. Inspired by Vilem Flusser to ‘look at photography beyond its materiality and as a creative gesture of reflection’ (Toward a Philosophy of Photography), the workshop offered  an opportunity to act up the role of photographer as performer, performer as camera and the image on and off the wall.

The workshop was followed by a day-long series of talks, on Wednesday 14th February in the James Hockey gallery, by artists and photographers who use performative strategies within their practice; Natasha Caruana (UCA), Amanda Couch (UCA, Hilde Khron Hulse (UCA A.I.R), Anthony Luvera, Manuel Vason (UCA PhD) and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (UCA).

‘The Act of Photography’ workshop by Manuel Vason

photographs by Manuel Vason and Kaiqi guo

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