On walking and reading and thinking…

A project curated by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé in collaboration with Chris McCabe, for the Season Poetry library at Southbank centre, London

13th January – 1st March 2015

The exhibition  is part of Southbank centre ‘History is now’ festival and brings together 3 international artists who respond to the world through the written word, performative drawing, sculptures and artist publications; works that consider the book as the point of departure or coming together or (un)doing of something other.

Thomas Evans (uk/us) The Theatre of the Wobbling Worlds 

The Theatre of the Wobbling Worlds is a theatre for a single performer composed of numerous pivoted stages laid out in a loose grid. Each stage presents a proposition of the world—mostly variations on the phrase “the world as…”—which is developed in an embroidered image attached to the stage.

David Rule (uk) Southbank centre commission 

a series of short texts and prompts inviting reveries and speculations in response to the South Bank.

Emmanuelle Waeckerle (uk/fr) PRAELUDERE (artist book, wall print, video, performance)

Writing and walking are understood here as simultaneous acts of marking and reading (space). Verbal scores are used as a catalyst for walking, writing and drawing, and as maps to explore and record the South Bank during the exhibition.

 download full documentation pdf  / Onreadingdoc  

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