Wednesday 14th February 2018 – James Hockey gallery, UCA Farnham

A day long interdisciplinary study day on performative strategies and the interplay between action and image for the school of Fine Art and Photography, curated and chaired by Emmanuelle Waeckerle, introduced by Terry Perk (Head of School), with  Natasha Caruana (UCA), Amanda Couch (UCA), Hilde Khron Hulse (UCA A.I.R), Anthony Luvera, Manuel Vason (UCA PhD) and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (UCA).

There has always been a strong correlation between performance art, photography and video since the still and moving image provide the only way to document, preserve and share a live act.

All the artists presenting use performative strategies though not necessarily to create live performances. Natasha Caruana and Anthony Luvera based within Photography, resort to performative strategies to ‘collaborate’ with the people they photograph each in their own particular way. Fine Artists Amanda Couch and Hilde Khron Huse both use their body as subject and objects of exploration, one in live situations, in writing and book form, the other in moving images and online. Manuel Vason merges the two practices by becoming a photoperformer and Emmanuelle Waeckerle performs the image, using it as a score, both on and off the page.

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