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RG21, UCA Farnham –  Thurs 26 October 2023, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Curated and hosted by David Rule and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé for the Fine Art and Photography programme at UCA Farnham.

Emma Lambert, Victoria Cooper-Pedrote, Smin Smith, Wiebke Leister and Christiane Monarchi explore with us what kind of meaningful encounters the artist book / photobook / zine can generate with readers and with other mediums; how to facilitate such encounters; and why they matter. Together we are looking at both the making and making-public of photobooks, zines, and other ‘on the page’ works, focusing on their potential to act as connecting or disruptive social objects across various disciplines (still image, text, performance).

We have taken as a starting point Emma Lambert’s practice-based PhD research (UCA / bookRoom) on the potential of the photobook to be “a conduit for change and create opportunities for people to learn about themselves and others through making“. (Silvergrass Press manifesto).


Recording of the morning talks is available here
Recording of the afternoon talks
is available here


11.00 David Rule       Introduction
11.15 Emma Lambert (PhD, UCA)
Where are you a local? vol 2 (Silvergrass Press, 2023)
with Terry NG & Edwin Chuk Yin Man (Hong Kong): six thousand miles, three collaborators, one question: a photobook publishing experiment
11.45 Victoria Cooper Pedrote (bookroom A.I.R)
Sacred Touch (self-published, work in progress)
Fingertips and the page: touch to listen, touch to feel, touch to observe, touch to understand, touch to expand.
12.00 Smin Smith (Researcher, UCA)
Encounters with Queer / Feminist Science Fiction
Could collective encounters with science fiction texts––including zines, artist books and other visual publications––encourage us to demolish, salvage and rebuild our worlds anew?
1.30 Emmanuelle Waeckerlé      Introduction
1.45 Wiebke Leister (Researcher, RCA)
Echoes & Callings; A Hannya Manifesto (Ma Bibliothèque, 2023)
Demonic Manifestations from Japanese Noh Theatre in photographic performance and on the page.
2.10 Christians Monarchi (Photomonitor, editor)
A discussion with Wiebke Leister
2.30 Wiebke Leister and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
Performance reading of Echoes & Callings
3.45 Closing remarks 

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