Fear of disappearance


an Arts Council funded project and residency by Mariya Ustymenko under the guidance of Akina, London.

The project sets out to explore the notion of identity in relation to space and architectural landscape. Mariya aims to investigate her own connection with the urban setting, and London in particular, searching for the feeling of permanency within the environment that is marked by continuous redevelopment and population change. The questions that the artist poses include: What kind of changes do we experience as a result of relocation? How does our setting influence our daily life and how do the memories of specific physical locations contribute to the development of place attachment and the formation of identity?

Treating the page and the book medium as architecture, the artist intends to create a new and technically challenging work that would bring together photography, sculpture, and print.

The outcome of this project is a limited edition photobook, a zine, and a book sculpture, completed in April 2015 .

see bookRoom press projects for details of the books


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