building a better world / working (with) archive – Workshop

A 3 weeks workshop, as a follow up to the eponymous study day part of Stefan Szczelkun creative residency at UCA Farnham.

Katarina Becker, Elodie Duncan-Duplain, Annie Haggarty, Catinca Malaimare, Susan Merrick, Iana Mizguina, Tom Ridgeway, John Smith, Oriyomi Oladunjoye worked with

Stefan Szczelkun, (creator of the Working Press archive), Rebekah Taylor (archivist), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (publisher), David Moore  (photographer working with archive) to produce work on identity politics inspired by or responding to the Working Press archive housed in the Farnham Library.

The work produced will be exhibited on Campus and will appear in a new bookRoom press booklet about the WP archive and its activation,  that will be used to make the archive accessible to students, researchers and lecturers internally and externally.

Aim of the workshop

– To gain awareness of identity politics (class, gender, sexuality, diversity, disability) from personal, historical and current perspective.

– To work collectively and collaboratively, as an exchange and sharing of skills and ideas with the common aim of building a better world together

– T0 use Photography and Design as tools for (political) change

– To learn how to catalogue and activate archive material.

Intro to the Working Press archive.

blog of the creative residency workshop

a bookRoom creative residency initiated by Rebekah Taylor and Emmanuelle Waeckerle

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