Lea Valley Drift

Lea Valley Drift

by Oliver Froome-Lewis and Chloe Street

A book and two maps that realise investigative walks in the Lea Valley carried out by the authors during 2012 and 2013. The paired narratives of the book follow the tactile experiences and imaginings of their driftings, and the formal influences on their musings and speculations. The maps form, instruct and disturb these experiences for others – transgressing, teasing and expanding cartological norms.   


1 x 48 page colour soft cover book (ISBN 978-0-9926017-0-6) and 2 x poster size fold out colour maps (ISBN 978-0-9926017-3-7)

housed in either a laser-cut cardboard cover, or a soft sleeve cover.


Cardboard cover set: £20      Soft sleeve cover set: £15


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