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bookRoom is taking part in Bristol’s biannual BABE on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April  (11am to 5pm).

with new and recent book works by Simon Aeppli, Greig Burgoyne & Rossella Emanuele, Amanda Couch, Mindy Lee & Richard Nash, Maren Hahnfeld, Greg Jones, Virginie Rebetez & Delphine Bedel, David Rule, Stefan Szczelkun & Rebekah Taylor, Mariya Ustymenko, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

The occasion also to get your copy of the following bookRoom press publications (at fair price)

 RISE WITH YOUR CLASS NOT FROM IT / Working Press: books by and about working class artists 1986 –1996. (2016)  (£6)

Code-X – Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen (2015)  (£17) 

The book is alive! (2013)  (£15) 

The sixth biennial festival of artist book making, featuring the work of bookmakers and small presses from around the world.  With more than 80 makers taking part, Featuring artists from all over the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Norway and South Korea. Expect performances, interventions, talks and workshops across the weekend too.

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